How to Choose you next cat bed ?

Housebreaking isn’t necessarily for kittens that grew up with their mother. The mother cat is held responsible for bringing up the kittens and teaching them how to use the litter box and cat bed. As kittens come of age, owners have to provide cat beds. If you have provided one for your feline pet, here are some likely reasons as to why they do not want to use their cat beds:

1. Inappropriate cat bed size.
2. The cat bed is situated next to the litter box or water bowl.
3. From the cat’s perspective, the cat bed is not clean.
4. The cat bed is situated in an open area.
5. The cat bed is uncomfortable.

Whatever type of cat bed you choose please consider the following points:

Cats and Privacy
Cats prefer privacy. It is not recommended to put the cat bed in these areas: drafty areas, walkways or entryways, near the furnace or garage. Like humans, most cats do not want to sleep in a noisy household. Breaking in can take some time but as the kittens grow older they prefer their cat beds to be placed near the food or water bowl.

Cat’s Mindset
If your cat hesitates to use its bed the first time you bought it; do not consider getting another one. Try to investigate the  reasons why the cat does not want to use it. The problem might not be the cat’s bed but rather your cat’s mindset.

Cat Beds Features
Cat beds come in different sizes, shapes, colors and with different features to suit your pet’s needs. Prices range depending on materials used and the features. The online marketplace is a good place to find cat beds. You can also make an improvised cat bed from an old cardboard box and a clean blanket. Old jackets or coats from thrift stores are great substitutes for cat beds too.

Cat’s Temperature
Did you know that cat’s temperature falls when they sleep? This is why they love to follow the sun. Position the cat bed near the window or somewhere that will keep them warm especially during the colder months. Some cat beds have thermal pads to keep the cat’s normal body temperature on cold wintry days. This is exteremly important to sensitive cats, like the russian cat or siberian cat, and less for cats with long fur, like the siamese.

Cat Bed versus Cat Carrier
Cats sleep approximately 18 hours a day. Given that, even during travel they simply love to sleep. To make your feline friend comfortable, a car carrier is used. Cat carriers have features to limit your pet’s movement while traveling and have qzz in your life. It provides comfort that your feline friend will surely appreciate.

Most of us are fond of having pets. Animal lovers often go distance to the extent of treating their pets as if it was their own child; buying them clothes, shoes, toys, and trinkets or accessories. Pet owners give a great deal on their pet’s health and comfort. They feed their pets with healthy food, they take them to veterinarians to have their shots or vaccines, give them vitamins, and take them to pet salons for their grooming. Another common habit of animal lovers is the inclination of allowing their pets to sleep in their bed or sharing the couch with them. They do all of these to ensure that their animals are looking and feeling just fine.

The most common among the animals to have as a pet is the dog. Though dogs are popular, some people would rather prefer cats. Unlike dogs that are often bustling around especially when they get a little too excited, cats are not all over the place and are usually meek in behavior. This contrast in characteristic is the reason why a cat is customarily touted as an “indoor pet” while a dog in many cases have its dog house built outside.

After eating or playing around the block, sleeping is a frequent past time of a cat. Often times, cats are seen lounging on couches, pillows, or rugs especially when the weather is somewhat cold. This is therefore where the idea of making a cat bed occurred. Before, blankets, rugs, throw pillows, and even towels were improvised as cat beds. Today however, cat beds are manufactured and sold by different companies already. These cat beds have become the little haven of cats inside the home.

So cat lovers, are you looking for a cat bed that your pets will surely love? Here are some basic standards in choosing one.

Size. In common sense, the size of your pet should be parallel to the size of the cat bed. Though some animals like a large space, it is better to find something that the body size of your pet will snugly fit into. This helps in create a cozy warm environment that cats usually love. Before buying check the dimensions provided by the manufacturer.

Structure. Cat beds come in different shapes and colors. These details are sometimes irrelevant but should not be totally ignored. Your cat might shun from certain colors or shapes because of some resemblance to something they hate or fear. More importantly the foam pad should be checked. The cushion feel should be there so your cat will find it comfortable.Features. Some cat beds have added features or